• is revolutionizing health services in founder’s hometown

  • WeChat’s new candy to lure corporate clients: customised “red envelopes”

  • Huawei founder hints slower growth in 2019 for global market woe

  • Right after break-up with Faraday Future, China Evergrande grabs Swedish EV maker

  • KrASIA Weekly: Grab and Go-Jek in the spotlight

  • Huawei sues US tech firm InterDigital over alleged unfair license practice

  • Huawei takes on Apple for US consumers with MateBook 13

  • KrASIA Weekly: 2019 Kicking off to a strong start

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A map to the tech unicorns in Southeast Asia and China
Who are some of the unicorn-to-be(s) in Southeast Asia? When should you invest in them?
Indians make more use of voice-activated tech like Siri and Alexa than peers in Asia Pacific
Adoption of voice-activated technology is rising across Asia Pacific, says a 60-page white paper published by iProspect. Here are key takeaways.
China now has over 800m internet users at 57.7% penetration rate
China’s latest published Internet Development Status Report highlighted further growth yet again in the number of Chinese netizens. China has officially surpassed the 800 million mark, with an internet penetration rate of 57.7%. The first half of 2018 sees an incremental increase in newly conn
A comprehensive report on SEA’s tech startup ecosystem
Why this region is said to be brimming with opportunities.
Report of AI investments in China: where did all the money go to?
Which industries can better improve AI? Which companies receive more investments? Which investment organizations paid more attention to AI?
A snapshot of online shoppers in Thailand
Shopee and Lazada might have enjoyed some success in Thailand, but with JD-Central in the picture, will this last?
McKinsey: Indonesian e-commerce bodes well for job creation and equality
Online shopping means more business for small enterprises but it also makes things cheaper for shoppers.
Report | Cross-border e-commerce: how to capture new opportunities in a blue ocean
Cross-border e-commerce retail is a fast-growing trillion dollar industry. Mature markets are in the process of improving distribution and branding while emerging markets are also filled with new opportunities.

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Rumour | Indonesian regulator shuts down unregistered P2P startups by midnight (updated)
In a move to better regulate local P2P lending space, Indonesian financial services regulator OJK has reportedly called in P2P lending startups to a meeting today, and asked them to suspend operating by midnight, if they’re not yet registered with the authorities. Company registration is the f
Indonesian P2P lending startup KoinWorks raises $16.5m from Mandiri Capital
Started in 2015, KoinWorks operates an online platform that links lenders to borrowers, primarily Indonesian merchants looking to finance their businesses.
New research measures impact of online lending on Indonesian economy
Online lending, still in its infancy, has already created work for 250,000 people in Indonesia.
The Chinese P2P crisis and what Southeast Asia can learn from it
The opportunity to reflect on a crisis so close yet so far is a monumental blessing for Southeast Asian players.
Vietnam P2P lending firm Tima raises $3m in Series B round, now valued at $20m
Tima will use the latest funds to grow its footprint across Vietnam, further develop its technology offerings, and increase hiring efforts.
VND Tap provides loans for university students as consumer credit takes off in Vietnam
The total number of colleges and universities in Vietnam is more than 2 million, equivalent to one-fourth of the Chinese university student market.

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Hey investor, which animal is in you?
In the next few days, KrASIA will be revealing insightful investment stories of each animal.
The Lion: Investors behind, Xiaomi, OPPO and ViVO
Lion investors are well-respected and even idolized for their positive spirit and influence.
The Monkey: Investors behind Didi and ofo
Monkey investors are full of ideas. They are extremely versatile and will find multiple ways to achieve their goals.
The Tiger: Investors behind Tencent and
Tiger investor is king. They believe in nobody but themselves.
The Eagle: Alibaba and Tencent as investors, and the battle between them
If Tiger investor is king, Eagle investor is supernatural and extraterrestrial. They are visionaries.
Beijing Internet Court: Ignore court message? PHONE LOCK.
Beijing Internet Court locks citizens’ phones to demand acknowledgement of court notifications.

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Voices | Jack Ma: we should reallocate teaching resources
Jack Ma talked about the current challenges of education in China.
Voices | Jack Ma: To lead Alibaba, I need a team, not a perfect individual
In 2013, Jack Ma talked about his “retirement” plan in an interview with Esquire.
Voices | Lei Jun: Xiaomi has to evolve from guerrilla forces into a structured army
Corporate restructuring is part of risk management. This also concerns the survival of Xiaomi.
Voices | Jack Ma: Manufacturing sector will be facing tremendous difficulties in a decade
Jack Ma said that within the next 10-15 years, the pain of traditional manufacturing will be beyond imagination. He said, “If enterprises cannot transform from the old ‘economies of scale and standardization’ to the new ‘individualization and intelligence’ model, it will be difficult to surviv
MDI’s Aldi Hartanto: Indonesia is not ‘the next China’
Telkom Indonesia’s corporate venture capital arm believes that the Southeast Asian country has its own set of unique challenges and opportunities.

Latest is revolutionizing health services in founder’s hometown
This is a big move for JD as it legalizes online diagnosis and for the first time extends public medical insurance benefits online.
WeChat’s new candy to lure corporate clients: customised “red envelopes”
Back then, Red Envelopes lured millions of new WeChat Pay users. This time, WeChat hopes they can lure new Corporate WeChat users.
ByteDance hits 2018 sales target, but only barely
A slowing Chinese economy has dragged down the company’s earnings.
Bukalapak raises new round to accelerate platform innovation (update)
South Korean Mirae Asset-Naver Asia Growth Fund joins the round as financial and strategical investor.
Huawei founder hints slower growth in 2019 for global market woe
Huawei expected its revenue growth to be below 20% at $125 billion at the best.